Bless the sacrament


Today is the first day that I blessed or broke the sacrament. I felt kind of nervous, and I said more than one prayers for help before I did it. Only a few weeks earlier the microphone was either stolen or lost so I had to say it without one. I said it right the first time (water prayer) but I do not credit that to myself. When I was actually saying it I felt guided and at peace when I said it and I would say that doing that was the most spiritual experience I ever had outside the temple.

Father's day

I gave a talk today. I assisted in the ordination of a friend named Blake to the office of priest, which is the first time I've exercised my priesthood by the laying on of hands done something like that.


These past weeks before seminary began, I was reading in the book of Mosiah. At this point in my life I felt shame and sorrow for my weaknesses the unrighteousness in my life. I began then to read of the wicked priests of Noah, and of their corruption. And then I read how Alma, one of the wicked priests, was able to repent of his sins. Immediately I was reminded of Moroni 10: 3. How merciful the Lord had been to the children of men — that's just how I feel, indeed! I was almost in tears. There is hope to repent and overcome sin because when you do you will be embraced by the Lord as you come back to him.

Overcome sin

Recognizing the power of the devil is the first step to overcoming it. If a tank came at full speed toward you with the intent of your destruction, merely standing there in its path with the intention to overcome it is not enough. You must do everything in your power to avoid it. Get out of the way of temptation or you will perish, not running from the trials of life, but instead from the temptation to do that which is not of God. We do not grow stronger from allowing tanks to run us over but by building up a shelter from them. That when the devil will attack you with all his power, it will not bring you to destruction. You The foundation materials of this wall shelter must can't be just any is the next important part of how we can overcome the devil. Man-made philosophies will not be enough. Be careful to build with materials the Lord gives to you: testimony, family, daily scripture, prayer, and faith.