Character substitution

Going the extra character

Funny enough, I make passwords for myself as with most people who are online. I like codes that present a decent challenge to the reader of them. I like cryptography. But before I liked cryptography, I liked pig latin which is a secret code that anyone who speaks English may figure out. It may take more hints for me or you, but that doesn't matter once we both are speaking the same language.

Along these lines, enters languages such as 31337 which substitutes characters, grammar and spelling to obfuscate regular language.

Homologous character translations

When I think of these fun translation games, it really comes to having a similar character for every character. This table samples a few such translations.

Loose Homographs

Homographs also called homoglyphs label differing characters with a highly similar appearance. Gathering loosely these characters into groups and classes, I have the following data.