Engagement tumult and debris

(2:30 am)

Our engagement has been a bit rough, but nonetheless I think I want to marry Julie. It's exciting that I actually will this summer. We were kissing on her couch, and then we hear this loud popping sound. We decided to ignore it. Then we heard this loud crash and I was looking over at what was happening. This large mirror on the wall came crashing to the floor. It was all very loud and lots of loud smacks and snaps.

We walked over. The mirror landed on the pot and shattered the pot, and the mirror frame hit the small wall across the mirror near the floor before finally hitting the floor. Then I went over and picked up the mirror. It wasn't broken! The frame was broken though, and the mirror had come out of its frame slightly.

Surprisingly the mirror was just fine. The mounting on the back of the frame tore out of the plaster frame, and the mirror (frame and all) fell forward knocking a fake potted plant down first. We cleaned it up, which was mainly sweeping up the fragments of the pot, and moving the mirror into the study. Surprisingly, her parents didn't even wake on the other side of the house.

We got a lot done this Saturday. We took engagement pictures, we ate cake samples and decided cake details with Laura. She's charging 100 dollars for the wedding cake, and another 90 for a full sheet cake, which is 9.5 by 14.5 times 2, and 4 inches tall. We also went to the Crawfish festival.


I did get to dance with Julie. She seems very sweet and kind to me. I really appreciate her love with every breath and all the times in between.