First and seconds date

My first date with Julie was on (fill in date here) 2 December 2006 after the Saturday adult session of General Stake Conference. Her brother Mark decided to abandon her into my custody for the evening. So her idea first was to go to (fill in restaurant name here) Pot Belly's . We got some turkey sandwiches with hot peppers, Poore brothers chips, and some oversized chocolate cookies. Tasty. Then we went back to the car and drove over to the river walk by the Woodlands Mall. We walked down that as far as we could (about a third the way down the right side going to Lake Woodlands). Then we talked down at the end for a while then walked back. I ate my cookie. She wanted me to feed it to her, but I didn't give in. Then we went driving, looking for a place to break into, but instead we went to (fill in name of place) Main Event and played darts for 50 cents per game. We also played air hockey: that was $1.50 per game. I won the game 7-6. OK she won, but only because I let her. Most of my points she scored on herself.

Our second date we watched The Prestige. It's a magic show movie. I thought it was a little scary. Someone told me not scary but suspenseful, so I'll go with that description. I wanted to put my arm around her, but I didn't. This date became rather complicated as unknowingly I sat down in the movie theater right next to Kristin, who was another first date from the previous night. I have to laugh about this coincidentally doubly second date or else the screaming in my head from that moment and ensuing complications still echoes today!