I have a girlfriend

A letter to Alex, also sent to Julie and my parents

Hello Alex,

Some days are real hard. I work endlessly, and try to find answers and none are easily available. I carry one problem, then have to drop it to pick up the next, but neither task is accomplished, and both problems are still unresolved, but there is hope for tomorrow still. It would make me cry if I was a baby. Babies cry when they are frustrated and can't do it themselves. Oh well. That's how I feel currently about work. Work a lot, but can't get anything done. Maybe it's a symptom of working in Linux, or of using Knoppix... Whatever. I don't cry, but sometimes I waste time on the way home stopping at shops. (Killing time is better than killing endorphines).

Better yet I would stop at Julie's place tonight but she's working late. She works as a middle school (6-8th) art teacher. She's this sweet young woman, and I'll introduce you to Mrs. Julie Galloway when you get home. :) Hehe just kidding. We don't have plans, but we really like each other so it's REAL fun to joke about getting married. She's hopelessly in love with me, and I like her too. She's 7th of 9 kids, (and she's hot like 7 of 9 :) Her youngest brother Mark I met first in the singles ward and is a real funny guy. You can rely on him for the best version of any story. Good with embellishments. I'm Julie's home teacher too, she thinks I'm really good at my magnifying my calling. I didn't know being a home teacher could be so involving. Lots of work and lots of time, but lots of rewards.

I have been dating Julie nearly 2 months now, and we've been exclusive for over a month. I've never met a girl I could relate to in so many ways. We have many differences in our life experiences, and many of them are quite similar too. She's very smart, and can beat me at strategy games. I'll have to show you this one game "Carcasonne". Sam's played it at her house 2. You all take turns playing a tile, and a man on the tile in a few different ways. It's like a puzzle and you match up rivers and forests and grass, and you put men on each of these to claim them and get points when they are completed. She almost always wins no matter what group she's playing with. It's funny. Everyone says they don't want to play with her, and we work together to beat her sometimes, because she usually kills us so bad. I beat her twice, but only by 2 points each time. She has a really nice smile. It looks like this :) but maybe the eyes aren't little specks after all; just an illusion from her thick glasses.

If you ask Mom or Dad they'll say we spend way too much time together. What do they know? Just kidding. It would be easier if they would express their excitement with me instead, but that's my fault. They could influence me more as a friend than as a judge. Anyway Julie and I realize the problems too, and we are making rules so it is easier to behave and balance our time.

Take care during Carnival. You are among Lamanites especially during that time, murderous wicked people that will be gone in the Millenium no question, which means now is when they can do the most damage. Remember all the people that died in the BM teaching the gospel. Follow the spirit carefully, and don't be one of them.

That's all.

Thanks for taking a page out of my journal and reading it.