My ♥ is an equation

What is love?

What is love, my friend? While my heart ever seeks it, my mind ever seeks its equation.

My heart is something pure and simple, so some pure mathematical analogies shall guide my way. Love cannot work without balance, so I begin with an equals sign.

\[ = \]

Love turns me in new directions, and is the only angle worth having. I symbolize love as a joining of two interdependent halves into one independent whole, so I add the Greek letter theta.

\[ = θ \]

Love radiates as a light from my heart, so I equate love's turn to its radius from the origin.

\[ r = θ \]

The hope of love drives us in a circular walk from pole to pole, so I plot this formula in polar coordinates.

Plot of a spiral r = θ
My rudimentary first idea of love

I see why love makes me dizzy and is hypnotic, but love is more than this. Love is selfless and humble, so that I always want to share, to split my pie in half, to subtract my independence by sharing.

\[ r = \frac{\pi}{2} - θ \]

Love is positive. Love is absolute.

\[ r = \left| \frac{\pi}{2} - θ \right| \]
Plot of a heart r = |π/2 - θ|
My heart on display

And there it is.