Normalize relationships

Being alienated goes hand in hand with paranoia "enemies in your mind". Colossians 1:21

It's not good to be too kind "inordinate affection" ;) Colossians 3:5

I went over to some female friends' apartment today. It turned out nice. I was able to feel comfortable around them. Some of the awkwardness went away both ways, in my feelings of the one liking me and of my liking the other. I think my worst flaw sometimes is believing the worst about people, but sometimes it's not the worst flaw because the worst is mostly true on occasion. I think right now I just want to feel comfortable around them, and have a good time.

And when I can't see the good in a person, I hope to see the innocence, and naivety and skew of their actions and thinking. Then I can view them at least as children gone too far down a wrong path. I hope I find people that know what I know now, and what I once knew, that are making happiness important in their lives.