I was talking with Julie, and she was asking me about what I was thinking as she does often when we are holding each other and there's a quiet moment. I told her I'm thinking that I will always love you, and I want to make it official. Then she says "make what official?" Then I say lets get engaged. She said yes. Then I told her that because I didn't have a ring we're unofficial right now. She said "Oh, you're not going to let me tell anyone are you? I want to tell my Mom at least."

Then I took a deep breathe and said, "Tell whoever you want." Famous last words right? Then she says how long were you going to make me wait? And I made up some answer trying to figure out how long she was waiting. Cheese wiz we've been dating only 3 months, how fast did she want to move?! Then I thought, oh yea this is Julie we're talking about. Not exactly the most patient person in the world. So I left later that night, and she immediately told her Mom and her sisters. Someone told Grandma and then everyone knew, and her brothers started calling saying "I heard from Grandma that you're getting married, and I heard you were thinking of memorial day."

I asked Rebekah Heaton her friend and my family about ideas for proposing. My Mom talked about flowers, so I could tie the ring to a flower... Then I said I could tie the ring to some helium balloons. Then I started talking about where, and they all seemed to involve water. Mom said at the temple, and I said by the fountain, then I said maybe the riverwalk where we had our first(?) date. I think it was our first. Oh, maybe this is bad. We'll drop the ring in the water and lose it.

To be continued... I have to finish this later.