Preparing to propose

Today I stayed home from work in the morning, and took my parents to the airport. They are visiting family in Utah. I was feeling sleepy and real emotional. I stopped at a gas station and got some pizza I ate for lunch. It was a 7 inch cheese pizza. I didn't realize how small 7 inches was. It almost made me laugh out load when I sat down inside and opened the box. I ordered a cheese pizza because I wanted to start thinking more like Julie and know how to propose better. I guess the small size also helped me have empathy. Miniature pizza to understand a miniature girl better. Hehe sorry Julie I'm just teasing you. I bought a ring for Julie so I could propose yesterday, so I had a 1800 dollar laptop and a 8200 dollar ring in the car. that's five pay checks. 2.5 months salary. Maybe that's why I was feeling sick. No, I knew I had to propose soon and I had no ideas.

I went to work the rest of the day. Let's just say, it was weird. Beside the weirdness, by the end I couldn't help thinking how to propose with the ring. I wanted it to be just perfect. I left work at 4:30 to go home and it took at least an hour. There was a light at 2920 that was broke. It took extra time to get home, but by a miracle, I had just enough time to get together a proposal close to worthy of my girl. I knew she was meeting with the bishop that night, and so I went to the store and bought some ribbons. With that I went to Bishop's house and unloaded four rolls of ribbon onto her truck while she was inside. Then on a note card I left a note saying hurry up and come over to my house Julie. I'm waiting for you. I didn't put my name on it either. Then I went to the house, and decided "I don't want to propose here" But she was coming already probably! Then I told Sam I needed some help, and tried to plan what I would do? I know! By Lake Woodlands. I told Sam to send her back that way when she arrived but to call when she pulled up. Then I went over to the spot I told Sam in the car. It was all wet! She would have to cross a field with puddles over ankle deep. Disaster! Then I sat for a bit, thinking of ways I could throw her over the puddle or else swim through, but then I thought of the riverwalk in the Woodlands, but I thought it would take so long to get to walk to a place I wanted to propose and I would be so nervous I would fall to pieces before I got the chance. While I was thinking about all this, she might even be driving by where I sat.

I thought of one other place. There was a place next to the lake further up that was by a park, and you could drive right up to the lake. So I called Sam and said that now the plan was to bring her to the park. Instead of giving her directions, Sam was now going to ride with her to the park, and he was going to drive the car home.

I was telling Sam this on the phone while I was driving to the place. I didn't know if it would be open or would work. On the way to the place there was a huge cone all by itself, lying in the middle of the road knocked over. I stopped, and picked it up and kept driving.

I pulled up to the park, and placed the cone by the entrance of the park. I pulled in and the parking lot was partly torn up, and there were 4 docks out to the lake with a couple boat ramps in the middle of them. I walked out on one of the docks, all wobbly and dark, and thought "This will be perfect."

Then my phone rang and Sam said she was at the house, and they were about to head over. They started over. I had some lines on a notecard prepared. I tried to memorize them, but my mind wouldn't focus on it. Oh well. I'll use the notecard if I have too. I came up with this stuff earlier that day, partly while I was wearing the expensive ring on my pinky finger. I tried to imagine what a pretty girl would want to hear. Anyway. I was thinking about all this and she pulled up into the parking lot with Sam in the passenger seat. Yikes. Here was the big moment. I directed them where to park, and then they got out of the car. I gave Sam the keys to the Corolla (my car), and he drove the car home. I told him not to worry about the stuff in the car, I would take it inside later.