Ring bling cha-ching

As planned, Julie had the day off and we went to lunch. We ate at Fazoli's I think? No that was a different day. We decided to go ring shopping. We went some over the weekend to different stores in the mall. That was stressful. One saleswoman we met was very pushy it seemed, and wanted to talk about how much I wanted to spend. Very confusing and not very helpful. Whatever we said, she said they could do it that way, though all their rings seemed the same.

But enough about the weekend. We decided to do a different approach and go to a jewelry store "Jared's" on the lunch break. This was a bit better experience. They had lots more selection to look at. They gave me a bottle of water. They offered cappuccinos several times, of course we said no. We looked at lots of them, and found a few that we liked. Then there was one that Julie found that she really liked. We both liked it. I liked that we could be done shopping for the ring today! After we found the band, then we chose a stone to match. 1 carat stones were what we arbitrarily decided when we sat down. So he showed me two or three diamonds. We decided the white or near white color range, and the VS clarity, and a round cut. The clarity eliminated one of these 3 diamonds. And there were two left. One was 5500 dollars for the diamond, and one was 8000 about (just for the diamond). I of course chose the lesser price because the difference in quality wasn't significant at all unless these two were put side by side.

All together the bill for the diamond, the setting and the wedding band came to about 8200 dollars. Yikes! They threw in a "free" wedding planner too. I had much more than that in the bank, so I used my Check card. Denied! There was a 1000 daily limit. Then I applied for credit at the place. I only got approved for 800 dollars credit. Then we applied joint and I got approved for 12000 credit. Yea, so I hadn't built my credit much yet and she had. I paid 20 percent (1680) down and got the loan after I called my bank in the store and upgraded my checking account and authorized a one time purchase over the usual limit. Finally we got it worked out to where I bought the ring. They said they would set the stone and have it ready for tonight. Finally got the ring we wanted at a price that I thought was outrageous but still I felt lucky!