pencil and paper

I make a simple weekly exercise worksheet.

a pull up bar in a doorframe, but blocked by a baby gate

I muse about obstacles to my exercise.

How I organized my refrigerator for optimal dietary behavior.

colored containers as in the 21 Day Fix diet

What nourishes me and makes me healthy and strong? My stomach reminds me to eat healthy. My belly reminds me to exercise.

My notes and related thoughts from a recent stress reduction webinar I attended.

I describe my search for relief from reflux pain and discomfort.

Surviving the social stigma of a self-ambulating journey to the grave.

Sometimes I just invent a few jokes to keep myself sane.

One of my lifelong ambitions has been met. I take it to the bucket for my bucket list.

To stare or not to stare? I try rock climbing as a means of socialization.

Thoughts I have been having about the hardest time I have ever had in my life, which I hope can one day be used to help others who must go through this.