Events and Conclusions

Here is a list of general conclusions I have made which I now realize have been wrong.

Comparison of life events and conclusions.
Events Wrong Conclusions Honest Conclusions
Someone says, I want the old Matt back. They don't love me. They only love only who I was.
They don't care about me or understand me, and don't want to.
They have observed a negative change in my behavior.
Something awful happened and no one was there to help. No one cares enough to help me when I need it. All my friends have abandoned me. I am mourning a loss. My feelings tell me to blame others. Some events I have to go through I could never predict or control. When life changes dramatically I know I will mourn the loss.
Those who that wanted to help only hurt me. They have no idea what I am going through.
Their good intentions are destroying me.
They have betrayed me.
The simplest explanation is the most likely: This is a symptom of depression. It would be a well coordinated attack if everyone turned on me. If I only worry about this well coordinated behavior of good people, I would ignore the possibility that something inside is causing this feeling.
I feel so angry and sad. I can feel it pulsing through my body. Sometimes I can even fill feel it in my neck. Feelings are logical by nature.
I feel angry or sad only for a very good reason.
I am more angry so this is an extremely good reason.
I don't need to control these feelings because they are appropriate.
Feelings are chemical by nature. There are chemicals pulsing through me which will control my actions, and poison me. I feel more angry or sad because my body is producing too many bad chemicals and not enough good chemicals.
After feeling angry and sad, sometimes I feel calmer after some time or the next morning. I got over it. This is evidence of the chemistry in my body recovering. This proves that my sadness and anger are chemical in nature, like a drug which can wear off. I don't want those chemicals in my body so I will increase my nutrition and will take vitamins to counteract these feelings.

To state in gross simplification, good and bad is everywhere, but events themselves are not intrinsically good or bad.

Rules to abide my emotions

  1. My body is making chemicals which make me feel the way I do, but I will gain control.
  2. Indulging in negative feelings and thoughts is no different than indulging in drugs.
  3. I will not be addicted to bad feelings, because there is a better way.
  4. I am attaching a negative value to so many things, that so I can't feel happy.
  5. When I am calm, I will analyze why something makes me feel so bad. I will realize feeling bad is only a chemical taking control. If it is bad, I will realize that I will hurt my freedom and my body by continuing to feeling bad.
  6. I will be in control not the chemicals in my body avoiding the chemicals in my body taking control. When I am too angry or sad I will realize that I cannot be logical. I will distract my emotions by doing something else until I can think about something without feeling bad about it. I will not dwell on think about things that make me feel bad, because I will be destroyed if I do, and no good will come of it. If I must think about it I will learn not to feel bad about that event before I try to think through it.