Indoor rock climbing

I am going rock climbing today after work which will be approximately only my second time in my adult life to do so.

I invited a girl in the ward, Susannah, on Wednesday at about midnight (via txt message) to go climbing with us for today. I thought I would save the message here. I just crack myself up sometimes. (It's the week before school starts.) I got some of the recent style lol and such from emailing Jenn when she was inviting everyone to climb.


I am jealous of all the fun you're having starting school again, lol!
If u get this at 12am, that's just silly.
I'll be going indoor climbing with some of the kids at work on Friday at 6:30pm.
Want to come along?
Call or txt me...


Don't be jealous!
The fun doesn't start till next week whe [sic] the kids come back.
I can't come this weekend, but thanks for asking.
Have a good day.

I just got back from rock climbing. It was lots of fun. I really liked the challenges, even though I wasn't that good.

The walls in gyms are flat, but covered with lots of various shaped holds. They run and connect at different angles. Some are vertical, some are slightly less than vertical, and some have you climbing from under the wall basically clinging to a ceiling. Some holds are perfectly shaped for your hand to wrap around, as good as a door knob. Others have less contour, or are really tiny.

In the competition they did, you took turns climbing from the same handholds, when you used only those handholds in the same order as the previous person, and you picked the next handhold in a sequence, if you were able to repeat all the holds done by the previous person. The guys with longer arms liked to pick the next handhold really far away. The girl (HP intern) who organized this, Jenn, was about 5 feet tall, so she couldn't reach nearly as far as the others. But still she was in the competition for most the way through, even though she had to make some fairly impossible reaches to get to the next hold. I got knocked out on the third hold. I couldn't find the right footing.

So I took off my basketball shoes and started climbing with just my socks on at a different wall. It was way easier. But the guy supervising said it's not allowed, so I rented some climbing shoes for 4 dollars (it was 7 dollars to use the gym). They are a little tight, but my feet adjusted well. Before I went climbing earlier that day I walked up some uncarpeted stairs for a flight or so stepping on the edge of the stairs with only the toe of my shoes. I think this helped later, but I can't imagine how other than in my thinking mode. I think my strong points as a beginner are in my grip, which it seems I can handle a few of the medium level grips, and in my ability to walk backwards. A few times it seems I got the right balance.

Amanda is one of the other girls that came to climb, and is a sophomore at college, and she is hot. I should have spent more time checking her out, but people say it's not nice to stare, and I have to respect that opinion most of the time.

Also the trainer there was telling people to straighten your arms, which is very sensible. It makes the strength of your climb into the strength of your grips and footing.

At first I thought it felt easier going backwards, but it's probably mostly an illusion, but seems easier for my feet to stay put. Actually, other climbs didn't make sense traversing backwards, but made more sense facing the wall, which is the traditional way to do it. Later I tried starting on the fourth hold in the sequence, when this game seemed like it was going forever with those who knew how to climb. It was actually quite easy starting at the fourth hold, but I hit another hard spot fairly quickly. Actually I just forgot the sequence and gave up rather than try and get someone interested in my progress just to tell me the next hold. Now that I think of it, I think I had such a hard time on the first couple grips because I was too tall. I should have started lower, nearly sitting on the ground, and then I could have had my arms straight. Oh well, that hindsight clears things up like trying climbing backwards sometimes will be easier. Backwards means my back is in the direction I'm going, horizontally along a wall.