My weekly track

In May, I started exercising regularly in consideration of my employer's wellness challenge which included a free pedometer. Shortly after National Bike to Work Day this 2014, I added biking to this exercise. Here is how I did.

I have several goals in exercising. My personal target weight is 210 lbs. My personal exercise target is 30 minutes a day. My employer's wellness challenge wanted me to walk 10,000 steps a day. When I started biking, they counted 1 minute biking as 157 steps. I have an other category which account for swimming (summer only), yard work and Just Dance 3.

My first week's goal was 1,000 steps more each day. That week here is my daily steps count: 1,002, 2,200, 3,008, 4,007, 7,445, 3,140, and then 2,000 on Sunday. The first few weeks I just estimated 2,000 on Sunday, because I refuse to wear a pedometer on the day of rest.

Exercise Log
week of ball bike other walk weight fat muscle notes
SUMMARY ball bike other walk weight fat muscle notes
(total, count or best)
weeks min min min steps lbs % % health events
      22,802 230
  40 30 24,547   I did a short bike ride to HEB (~2 mi) before swimming.
  140   5,585 235 Joined the National Bike to Work day a day late (May 20th). Eight or nine miles each way — I stayed in neighborhoods via 1 slick route until a cross street (Cutten), and then took a back road to the overpass which goes directly into campus. About 50 minutes to an hour riding in. On the way home, I got lost and went to the main road — ate at Whataburger for dinner before making it home late.
      10,883   Started having kidney stone pain Sunday June 1st.
      3,471   Kidney pain escalated Saturday June 7th taking me to the hospital at 3pm. Had 1st CT scan which showed a 4mm stone, antibiotic shot in butt, and IV for pain.
      3,369   No kidney stone pain this week, implying no movement :( of the stone.
      5,125   2nd scan Monday confirmed little or no movement and a 5mm stone at scan resolution of 2.5mm to 3mm. Procedure to remove kidney stone was 7am Wednesday. Though I could've waited safely up to 6 weeks, that lack of movement had me worried. Doctor removed the full stone with the loops/basket without requiring laser lithotripsy (blasting). No stint left in! At 11am, I puked whatever oral pain meds they had given and a flood of consciousness and of intense pain ensued. Relief came after just barely holding down my first Norco 10/325 tab for an hour.
      8,156   Worst pain of my life recovering from kidney stone surgery. Worse and worse pain developed between the Norco 5/325 or 10/325 highs. Eventually, Norco (yet another blend of acetaminophen and hydrocodone) gave me dizzy spells. Passed nothing during all the escalating pain until relief came on Sunday which followed the passing of a rolled up clot 1mm round by 10mm long.
    60 5,470  
      18,023 236
  84   10,578 231
  80 80 14,237 231 Donated blood this week. My blood pressure was almost too high to donate which is unusual for me. This confirmed other "symptoms" since I started biking more often that my blood pressure was higher.
  30   4,970 232.5 33.7 I think fat % has been consistent with prev weighings...
  36   10,640 232.5 33.7 I got my health numbers checked via blood test and weigh in on Monday.

Bicycle lap times:

  1. 537
  2. 475
  3. 664
  4. 423
  5. 74

Totally 2173 seconds

  14 40 12,619 233.2
  19 33 14,174 228.8 This is the least I've weighed all summer. With that I'll mention that by habit I am taking my weight readings on Monday (at the beginning of the work week), while my exercises for that week are an accumulation following that weighing.
    18 13,718 232.3
    56 11,092 233.6 33.8
    29 6,447 232.1
  24   13,846 230.3 33.3 26.4 I got about 3,000 steps in at the Oil Ranch on Nov 1st.
      8,984 228.1 33.0
      15,550 229.7
    30 8,349 228.1 I started the boy scout exercises (except no run yet):
  • pushups
  • pullups
  • situps
  • standing long jump
  • 500 yard run
      7,758 226.8 32.8
    60 1,625 228.1 33.0
      8,000 228.1
      8,495 228.1 Got in a motorcycle accident on Tuesday (16 Dec 2014). I scraped my right arm and shoulder. I pulled a muscle in my right shoulder. It hurt to lift my right arm, but the doctor was able to exercise full range of motion for me without pain. I sprained my lower left wrist which is opposite my thumb including my ability to bend my wrist upwards. I sprained my left thumb, and the palm side was partially translucent with blackish bruising. The x-rays showed no breaks in my hand.
      5,050 227.5 32.9
      12,430 227.5
90     3,398 227.5 32.9 26.4 Start weeks on Sunday. Record all final numbers including weigh in on Saturday.
120     9,990
    180 5,400 225.5 32.7 26.5 I chopped several branches out of trees, totaling maybe 3 hours of exercise. Some of this time was spent trying to get a ball and rope or ball and string over branches 25 to 45 feet in the air. I learned the best way to wrap a tennis ball with string is one with a slight axial procession of 30 degrees or less. These wraps form nearly longitudinal steps around the tennis ball that change direction rightward / clockwise while heading away from me at the northpole and change direction leftward / counterclockwise while heading towards me at the southpole. Once the longitudes have come full circle, tie two half-hitches onto the excess rope that is hanging from the start. That will finish the wrap, so the string is attached securely to the ball.
    180 1,278 225.7 32.7 26.5 For dinner after church, we had a pork loin with sauerkraut that had been cooking in the crockpot on low for 9 hours. Thomas refused to eat it, Colby ate only one bite, and Julie and I ate full serving sizes. Colby became sick not long afterwards. He stayed up late with me to watch Iron Man, puking all throughout the movie. I became sick after he went to bed, and Julie became sick after I went to bed.
60   240 3,271 225.7 32.7 26.5 This is the first week since my motorcycle accident that I've felt comfortable trying a pull up exercise.
60   240 4,300 228.3 33.1 26.4 Spent hours digging trenches to fix 2 pipe leaks, but I also ate out alot, so I more than made up for the additional exercise.
120 12,000 227.2 32.9 26.4 Spent two hours gardening.
6,900 229.9 33.3 26.4
14,000 229.2 33.3 26.4 Did most of my walking at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo!
2,200 227.2 32.9 26.4 I got the branch I trimmed out of the tree! I attached a second rope, and moved it up, down and all around to get the branch untangled with Julie's help.
240 7,000 233.9 33.8 26.4 On Saturday the 28th I helped transplant a tree with our new truck. Then I came home in the truck to find our boy scout troop delivering mulch to our house, so I was asked to help again. Slinging bags of mulch around for 4 hours was a workout, but honestly I only feel a little sore in my deltoids, pectorals, and shoulders. So this morning, so partly I wished I had heard about it earlier. I knew yesterday would be the day, but when the day arrived I didn't check my notes and forgot to add a calendar item directly.
120 2,450 231.4 33.5 26.4 I helped flatten earth and move large stones — Two of them were round/jagged in diameter of 1 by 2 by 3 feet, and the other 5 rocks were large paving stones which were 4 by 5 feet jagged by 2 or 3 inches flat). for about an hour in the yard of a single mother with her home teacher. I think her home teacher liked to drop the stones at the end of placing them as a means to further flatten the earth or as a means to save his fingers at the end. I also helped spread mulch for 30 minutes in my yard.
5,750 229 33.1 26.4
11,500 230.1 33.3 26.4 I think walking around work more and across parking lots to travel between stores has helped boost my number of steps.

Yearly biometrics

Health Screening Log
Exam date Optimal
Units Notes
Exam Time am hr:min am/pm = ante/post meridiem
Cholesterol 130 147 152 124 143 130 [100, 200) mg/dL  
HDL Chol. 21 34 27 32 34 39 [40, ∞) mg/dL  
Triglycerides 143 100 111 70 62 88 [0-150) mg/dL  
Non-HDL Chol. 109 113 125 92 109 91 LDL+30 mg/dL = Cholesterol - HDL
LDL Chol. 81 93 102 78 97 74 [0, 100) mg/dL = Non-HDL - (Triglycerides / 5)
HDL Ratio 6.2 4.3 3.8 3.9 4.2 3.3 [0, 4.0]
[0, 3.5]
ratio = Cholesterol / HDL
Glucose 91 84 75 84 79   [65,100) mg/dL  
Fasting   yes/no At least 8 hours
Waist 42   43 43 40 39 (0,40] inches Measure just above the belly button
Hips       40.5 40 41   inches  
Height 73   72 73 72.5 73   inches  
Weight 231   231.6 218 194 214   lbs  
BMI 30   31.4 28.8 25.9 28.2 [18,25) kg / m2 = 703 * w / h2
O2     95     96 [90,100] %  
Body Temp.     98.7 98.6 96.2   98.6 °F  
Systolic 120   112 132 118 122 [90,120) mm/Hg  
Diastolic 80   70 81 65 61 [60,80) mm/Hg  
Pulse     69 64 64 55 [50,90) bpm  
Physician Freda
Trela M.
LabCorp Interactive
2013 Patient instructions
  • Engage in regular exercise with a goal of 30 minutes daily on most days of the week.
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Monitor symptoms of carpal tunnel. Rest hands. Check your computer station to make sure it is set up ergonomically.
  • Perform Testicular Exams Monthly.
  • Advanced Directives were discussed with patient. I guess this means a PSA test which I declined.
  • We will contact you once your lab results have returned. Another visit may be needed to discuss lab results/recommendations.
  • Return annually for a physical exam as needed.
  • Patient Education/Brochures given to patient but I forgot to read them.
  • Urged patient to stop smoking though I don't smoke.
  • Reviewed and provided the Vaccine Information Sheet(s) [VIS] and answered questions. Information was given regarding the risks and benefits of the vaccine(s).
2014 screening notes

I was fasting until 1:30pm that day, except for water in the morning. Last I ate, I had a bowl of icecream the night before.

I got my 10 year Tetanus booster.

The nurse had finished nursing school in 1981. She was dancing during the off time, probably because she just won a laptop for raising lots of money for her diabetic patients by signing up for a bike-athon. Don't tell, but she gave me juice and granola cookies after the blood test. Shhh!