Rainy days

Exercise has its obstacles
a pull up bar in a doorframe, but blocked by a baby gate >

I run. I love to run. I like my running shoes. I need my running shoes. It's raining outside. It's stopped raining, but it's muddy. More rain is coming.

Running in the rain is fun. If only I could get my shoes to agree.

I cannot do a pull up. It looks like that's not changing any time soon.

Do you know a gym that sells rainy day memberships? I don't like treadmills. I don't want their treadmills. I just want to sled some weight around besides my own self in a mire of mope missing my wandering path of hope.

It's raining. I turn circles in the house couped up. Oh do not mistake. I would be turning circles anyway. Dancing to music only I can hear. But I long for the day when if my circles' turn made me dizzy, my shoes would carry me away.

I lost the home button on my keyboard, but while I wait at least, its escape remains.

Update: I took courage to remove the baby gate, and now I have this 5 gallon paint bucket to support my extra weight while simulating the chinups. I am worried I'll break the lid while standing on it, so it motivates me to make a smooth motion and lift more with my arms.

Obstacles are meant to be moved
a pull up bar in a doorframe, with a 5 gallon bucket to support my extra weight