I describe how integer powers behave in modular arithmetic exploring congruence, repetition and related theorems.

I find a really simple and secure way to attach a rope around a ball.

A little extra rope goes a long way to overcoming large obstacles.

I figure an algorithm for calculating simplex coordinates

What is a permutation? How do I loop through permutations? How many generators are required for the symmetric group?

I talk about the greatest common divisor and provide a calculator to show

I layout some admirable equations for physics of relativity.

Calculus tests how much work my imagined busy worker will do before his next break.

Poisson queue explodes under benchmark development. Tests were too realistic to accept on its face. Deriving probabilities takes time from my mental queue!

coprime points expanded to hexagonal symmetry

Making stars explode — I recursively find order to the list of all rational numbers.