The Boy Scout handbook has some great packing lists. So I added my own polish to them for a list of gear to prepare for camping trips, hikes and basic survival.


In my time as a scout leader, some of my 11-year-old boy scouts have expressed that the scout packing lists are too much, saying things such as when would I ever need a compass. Some scouts will make their parents the goat of their unpreparedness during inspection. At that age, those are some easy mistakes to make. Blaming others and asking questions of doubt are ways people state their disbelief or doubt, albeit obstinate ways to say so.

So, in this context of questioning, preparing this list brings me back to the days of my youth and in scouting. When I was a youth, I recall that my desire to form trust and agreement trumped second guessing instructions. I had the same questions and doubts, but I brought those questions inward first. Quite often this attitude helped me to see that a little time would afford me the answers when I did not understand without the feeling of embarrassment of asking questions. I could search within for the answers when I did not understand and if I came up empty, then I would ask the thought bound questions, often to the appreciation of others.