I've struggled lately with the lack of organization in our family's refrigerator, so I decided to do something about it. With so many leftovers piling up all over the fridge, it can be daunting to consider what yumminess might need to be rescued and what yuckiness might be lurking beyond its normal retirement age. How do I pull out all this stuff, and then put it back more nicely and functionally than before.

Separation by height

The first challenge in organizing (or even in designing) a fridge is the height. So many food items with various heights to consider. Each item is one more variable in the equation of my fridge and those variables vary over time. So most fridges are formed with adjustable shelving. In theory, the adjustments can improve fit of food and function of fridge according to my spatiotemporal needs.

Separation by food group

The second challenge in organizing a fridge is being able to

  • Find food easily
  • Find a good place for food easily
  • Help others to find, place or replace food with minimal coordinated effort
  • Reduce cross-contamination if food leaks or spills

Separation by bulk size

The third challenge in organizing a fridge is being able to

  • Reduce leftovers
  • Reduce drops and spills from removing and stowing food
  • Reduce food spoilage and food kept passed its sell-by, best-by or expiration date