Wrong campsite

Tent mistakes

  • Tent under tall tree or dead limb
  • Tent on uneven ground or in gully
  • Tent, Debris under
  • Tent, Ground cloth hanging out from under
  • Tent not staked
  • Tent, Smellables in
  • Tent, Garbage in
  • Tent, Stove used in
  • Tent, shoes stored outside of
  • Tent rain fly not installed properly

Dining area mistakes

  • Dining fly, Granny knot securing
  • Dining fly, Long staking rope is a trip hazard
  • Dining fly, Stake missing
  • Dining fly, Propane tank hose is trip hazard
  • Dining fly, Rope is over-sized
  • Food in tent
  • Food tied too low
  • Food hanging next to tent

Waste mismanagement

  • Garbage in tent
  • Garbage not tied up
  • Garbage on ground
  • Cathole nearby, not buried, or not marked

Tools mismanagement

  • Tools, Axe "blood circle" too small or inadequately marked
  • Tools, Axe "blood circle" has trees or other obstacles
  • Tools, No chopping block under wood to be split
  • Tools, knife stabbed in wood next to hammer
  • Tools, knife stabbed in ground
  • Tools, ax stowed improperly
  • Tools, saw stowed improperly

Mistakes with fire

  • Fire without pit
  • Fire too close to tree or overhanging branches
  • Fire built poorly, such as upside-down with the fuel (largest) on bottom, tinder (finger-width), and then kindling (smallest) on top
  • Fire has treated lumber