Change management brain

Inevitably in developing code, I will need to track my changes, and my preference is git. What is there to know about the change management oxymoron? While there are many reasons to track changes in a group, the reasons are simpler for the individual.

Let ME give YOU some split brain reasons (for tracking your changes) (that will change your tracks) when traversing from the WE to the EYE:

  1. If I make some horrible mistake I can't backtrack.

Sure I can. Do a diff between my last backup and this one. Duh. Problem solved.

  1. I may want to take my code in several branches.

NO WORRIES! Not really going to happen. My brain is split down the middle, but my mind follows a single course. Just like my legs. Left foot right foot left foot right foot... okay my fingers are getting tired. Sweating just a little.

  1. These several branches of my (good ideas, fixes, etc. ) will eventually merge to form my (best ideas, awesomest work ever, etc.)

hwua? No, stop it! I'm the neurotic one! right foot, left foot right foot, Left foot,...


The real reason for changing to git

  1. My source files are littered with backups. My backups are littered with backups. I want to magically de-duplication-ally compress all my backups into a tiny trash can, that I never need to dig through, is preserved indefinitely, only requires a single backup copy at any point in time, and most importantly with the latest (greatest) neatly stacked next to it (ready to become the next piece of trash).
  2. My favorite library is in git and I want to emulate them.
    I <3 ENYOJS!
  3. I hate cvs, svn, anything that smacks of big brother, and wasting my life setting up a server, just so I can be my own IT department
  4. One bright new day, I plan to work together with other like-minded people and my future minions.