Ice Age Adventures

Saving the herd

Ice Age Adventures is a mobile game whose plot is to find and rescue all the lost animal families. Each family has two parents and two children. As the herd is saved they come home to an island which dynamically expands to have three climates: snowy, tropical and volcanic.

Traveling and harvesting the islands

The game is centered around unlocking and exploring islands to find and save animals in the herd. I find a few different terrains along the way and each terrain has obstacles to clear in order to reach the animals to save. Some animals are found in caves which remain on subsequent visits as a spin the wheel instant win miniminigame.

When repeating visits to islands, the island growth can re-grow.

Playing the mini-games

I find the minigames to be quite fun although of quite the common sort of mobile game. I play the scrat minigame which is a running, jumping or sliding, and dodging left, middle or right. I also play the match-3 minigame which is like so many others I've played.