Need for Speed Most Wanted


The vehicles in Need for Speed — Most Wanted approximate real life vehicles in looks if not in price and performance. I spend lots of time playing the mobile game. In the game, all the play money comes from race winnings. From those race winnings, I can make purchases which are related to the vehicles:

  • Buy a vehicle. The vehicle must be unlocked for purchase first. Most vehicles are unlocked based upon winning a particular race, or accumulating speed points over many races. However, some vehicles are special NFS edition vehicles which unlock on a rolling schedule. Each week a new NFS edition vehicle is purchasable. Only one NFS edition vehicle is unlocked for purchase at a time. Over several weeks I can collect them all, but I do have to repeat some of the more rewarding races to save for them within the week.
  • Buy a coat of paint. The color choices depend on the vehicle and is a lasting upgrade. The upgrade lasts until another color is chosen.
  • Buy one or two upgrades just before a race. These vehicle upgrades apply to a single race so will need to be repurchased if that upgrade is desired for any future race.

Each vehicle makes a relative assignment of speed, acceleration and handling performance. Here is the data I've collected on the vehicles.

I believe the all around best buy first time playing is the Nissan GT-R Egoist in the Sports class. But the Nissan is unlocked in the 47th race (Most Wanted #3), so I had to unlock three other cars in the Sports class along the way. This is my full list of best buys to get by.

SUV class for $27,000
Hummer H1 Alpha
Every day class for $12,000
Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione 2
Muscle class for FREE! (download the game to unlock)
Dodge SRT Challenger SRT8 392
Muscle class for $60,000
Ford Mustang Boss 302 or Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
Sports class for $150,000
Porsche 911 Carrera S
Sports class for $200,000
Nissan GT-R Egoist
GT class for $65,000
Maserati GranTurismo McStradale
Exotic class for $175,000
Lexus LFA
Exotic class for FREE! (finish all races to unlock)

I might have put together another list of best buys to bank winnings, but it is really a matter of optimizing the fun I am having while banking those winnings… kind of like life! If I were too serious about winning to have fun, I would let the numbers speak for themselves.

Tracks and races

Just like cars, new tracks and races must be unlocked a few at a time by winning a particular race. In any race, I can place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. Or else I can fail to finish because time ran out or the AI racers finished quicker. There are several different styles of races, so my beating out other cars, final race time, checkpoint times, average speed, or some combination of these values may affect the end result. All tracks are in traffic, at challenge of police cars, and not ran in a circuit, so no notion of laps in any of the races.

Here is the data I've collected on the races and tracks.

Layout of all the urban race tracks
Map of Fairhaven

What I like best about this game is mastering the continuous drift. In Mythbusters episode San Francisco Drift, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman busted the myth that drifting actually makes cars corner faster, but nonetheless I feel a thrill like no other just having full english on the tires as I cruise to the finish line. I can hardly believe they ate up 18 tires on that one myth.

In conclusion, I'll turn right to go left, if you don't mind.