Sudoku madness

It's been a while, so I thought I'd post my progression of some of my hobbies.

I was working in Skype the other day, and it offered to download some free games. Sure!!! Nothing like free games. I played some sudoku and mahjong, among others. Neither appeared to be written by someone too experienced in the actual games. Don't get me wrong — both games worked quite well, but they just seemed to be lacking in the puzzle difficulty department.

Well, this refreshed my interest in sudoku, so I wrote a solver of sorts. If I get javascript working in my next post, you will have a chance to try it out.

Update: Solver posted!

After I put this topic away, I am hoping to get to the physics of motorcycles. The exposé on that is still being worked in my metaphorical kitchen, but I think I have assembled all of the ingredients and am ready to start slicing, mixing and baking.

Update: Physics of motorcycles posted!