Matthew Galloway is looking serious, in a cubicle, with a beard

An humble little introduction about myself...

My first post on my first blog.

I must remind myself that wickedness pervades the human condition while small everyday miracles limit their devastation in my life.

First jury duty, imperfect score, teacher scolding, accelerated learning, dance lesson, unabashed admirer, and last but also my first, battle with cooties.

I am in pain, discouraged, and backed into a corner. I won't fight, but I scorn the value of my playing by the rules of others.

My first accidental text spam interaction is immortalized on the internet.

If I can say dumb things smartly, then nothing but perfection itself can stop me!

A personality test, awkwardness of social autopilot, reading people, a scrabble mah-jongg game, going to the gym, and a loose transmission cable.

My daily obstacles and boredom are a maze that my whiskers are itching to escape. Who architects my daily maze? I still hope that love will prevail.

Believing girls are hot for me makes life more interesting.