Care to teach from

I am troubled when I do not teach effectively so I remind myself how to do it.

More! from

I confess accusingly that we are addicted to our addictions, and are trapped in our lust. But I also have hope of what we as God's children, might become.

Leaving at 7pm. Again. from

Multitasking clutters my desktop heap, and so chokes my speed of departure.

First post from

My first post on my first blog.

Pre-proposal from

I blurt out an unofficial proposal on a date.

I have a girlfriend from

To my distant brother, I break the news of my evolving relationship.

Twitter-pated from

Silly thoughts when love first sparks a common flame.

Wicked hearts from

I must remind myself that wickedness pervades the human condition while small everyday miracles limit their devastation in my life.

Love humility from

What love creates jealousy tears apart, but I will live for the good anyway.

Negotiating 4th grade from

I consider my first jury duty, imperfect score, teacher to discipline me, accelerated learning opportunity, dancing lessons, unabashed admirer, and last but also my first, battle with cooties.

Discouragement from

I am in pain, discouraged, and backed into a corner. I won't fight, but I scorn the value of my playing by the rules of others.

More text messages from

My first accidental text spam interaction is immortalized on the internet.

Rats for each failed experiment from

My daily obstacles and boredom are a maze that my whiskers are itching to escape. I will move from Logan. Who is the architect or mad scientist of my daily maze? I still hope that love will prevail.

Inflationary ego from

Believing girls are hot for me makes life more interesting.