First post

This is my first post on my first blog. I don't think I would be blogging, were it not for the various frustrations in my life that cause me to feel underexpressed and overworked. 

Overworked is the wrong word. I like to work. I am overworked in the wrong ways. Consequently I am stressed, but never overworked as measured by my own projections. I don't do well to solve problems through others, I'd rather solve them my own way. I also don't do well to measure solutions provided by others, because this of itself is to say I'd need to get involved with others and their solutions to try to change their minds about what is needed. 

I do not covet their solutions. I do not want responsibility for the solutions of others. I want my own responsibilities, with my own solutions. My work is mine. If it is not mine I do not want it. 

Enough abstract ramblings, I have this blog and it will be composed of my own words, work and wanderings all wrapped into one.