Halloween matchmakings

Today is halloween. I decided this morning to do as much as I could to give everyone a scary day. I left for work without saying bye. I left messages (mostly text messages) with girls saying how enamoured I was with them, whether they had boyfriends or not. I teased the secretary at work about how she marked her keys.

I put this in my intro profile at match.com and it got rejected:

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
There exists a coyote eating the cats in my neighborhood.
My cat was the fattest and friendliest though shy and was first eaten among many.
Being a friendly, spoiled, trusting cat today might make you coyote food tomorrow.
Friends don't realize how mean their kindness is until the coyote has had many feasts.

I'll have to make a lame introduction instead.

Most people are afraid that they'll gain weight after halloween from all the candy. I'm just the opposite. So far it's been less than a week since halloween and I've lost almost 5 pounds. Even so, Halloween is really scary for me too. It is really scary. Man sometimes that holiday just scares the crap out of me.