Kite strings on my heart

I decided to write in my journal instead of typing, though it probably will be typed when you read it. In church today I imagined a kite flying tied by several strings. I was the kite, and women were pulling the strings. My gut tells me to cut all the strings please! But kites don't work that way. A kite has the most freedom if a single string is attached at a point which balances the lift it gets from the wind. Several strings still works, but not freely unless the other end of the strings are close together, but that's not the point. I see too that I am on the ground and have tied strings to too many kites. I imagined this before we sang the closing song, which is one of my favorites, "Lead thou me on" #97. In fact as soon as I knew this, I was already happy and this made me so thrilled I wanted to say that after this no one would be able to live with me. I was so spoiled. ;) Then as I was singing it, the words were painted right into my picture: "Lead thou me on", after which I thought, oh boy like I really need any more people leading me on, lol! What a day.

Those who choose to be happy, may not be as happy as those who find happiness, but they are still happy! Those who have it given to them is a story for another time.

Though it seems every emotion I have is backwards, they are more correct than most anyone could recognize. If you find yourself understanding my words, you may be worse off than you know. When I could not possibly expect any different outcome for today, it is sensible to expect different outcomes in a future day. Though my most unimportant actions take on the loudest voice, it does not mean it's appropriate to heed them, though every weary or hardened heart will quickly only hear that and no other sound, forgetting all in me that whispers the best communications.

Those who choose to be sad, may not be as sad as those who find sadness, but they are still sad. Those who have it given to them is still a story for another time.