Matthew Galloway

A little about me

My name is Matthew Galloway. Matthew Galloway is looking serious, in a cubicle, with a beard I am a professional mathematician, computer scientist, and author, and a student of ethics, philosophy, religion, business, shorthand, pronunciation, physics, graphics, image processing, driving fast, and cooking in the pot and on the smoker. All modes of expression I find enjoyable or curious, and I delight in how the best modes can approach (in the mathematical limit) subjects that are devoid of prejudicial context. Ignoring the exact choice of characters and structure used to explore and reflect these truths, I plainly observed that souls across both space and time may find common points of discussion and interest in these modes, providing harmony and focus as with the lovably aspiring, self-improving, and caring characters in the fictional universe of Kung Fu Panda.

I am an imbecile who's cooked up some great ideas — you know, for kids!

The biblical Matthew was a tax collector; a practical Mathematician of another age whose name mimicked his job. It may be that our very names play a dominant role in our ego and drive. Or it may be that our names are what legitimises our path and helps us to feel an ownership to it. For such is life — its simplest details are inescapable, yet its full beauty is held forever alone — in the eye of the beholder.