Wicked hearts

It is good to be alive.

I brought my temple bag in the car to church today. I am confident now that it was there so that I would remember who I was, and not think I was anyone else.

Someone who is convicted that individual prosperity is controlled absolutely by individual righteousness has deluded himself. His lips will honor God, but I think his feet are running to mischief and his heart is learning to hate (even himself) thoroughly and thus hate God eventually also.

A young man was at a fireside last night and was just chatting with a young woman. He talked of how he would play with another girl's hair at church, and then how they would be rubbing each others backs... blah, blah de blah. He openly admitted it was bad yet bragged about it. It seemed like the girl didn't hear it and appreciated the attention. I think he seeks to share himself so much because he does not have the faith that others can see or appreciate the good and the evil in his heart.

A woman frequently makes comments about how controlling she is and how she doesn't care. No one hears it. She seeks to walk in wickedness in plain light, and nearly escapes all notice of it. By a simple act God has saved many from the worst that could have come of this behavior and made the damage much much smaller, though I'm afraid it is still significant. All this evil in her can be turned if she will take on the broken heart she has been denying for so long.

This woman taught a lesson with an absurd teaching aide. Maybe she thought to talk in code or by analogy but was unprepared. Regardless, she did not go about the demonstration cleverly enough to pull it off.

One young woman laughed hysterically at it repeatedly which I feel was quite revealing of herself in that moment, but not in a good way.

A young man was openly rude to me on the stand believing it would count for righteousness.