Intern fair poster at HP

Did I mention I work at Hewlett-Packard in Houston as an intern?

Today I presented my intern poster at the intern poster fair at HP. The poster looked about like this (details removed).

Collaboration Automation with Matrix

Define, build, manage and publish software products from a single tool
HP logo in 3D quilting pattern
Defining and connecting dependencies only once eliminates the hassle in both version management and group collaboration

Matrix was the name of an internal tool that I wanted to feature to encourage adoption.

I talked to a few people, including a few nice interns.

Nothing to do with the presentation, but all in all today was really awful. I felt blinding crushing influences frequently with increasing intensity. Just another day I guess. I wish I wasn't so extremely emotional when there's really no need for it.

Hey, don't you know! This journal is private. If you're reading this, I don't think I can trust you anymore! lol.