Job offers

I have 3 job offers now at HPQ. The first one I was interested in significantly, just progressed to where they've actually made me an offer. That is Estella's group. She runs the SDG group at HP. That stands for software delivery group. There are 2 team leads under her led by Michael and Karen.

The other groups just recently heard about my availability. There's one led by Greg out in Bellevue Washington, which coordinates with Microsoft on ProLiant Server hardware/software. Bellevue is right next to Redmond, where Microsoft is located. I talked with Greg on the phone and he said that they have two "evangelists" who spend about 30% of their time in Redmond. The others on this team, two of them are here in Houston (Tom and Jenifer) and anyway, he said I would probably need to move out to Bellevue, so I am saying no on this offer.

Another one was for a storage firmware group. Very nice team, but the day to day tasks weren't suited to me particularly.

I got an offer from HP including base salary of 59,000 a year plus benefits. I haven't accepted it yet, because I am deciding between two groups that want to hire me. The group I am in currently as a full time intern cannot hire me because they need a Job Requisition, and they won't get one until someone else leaves the group most likely. The first group to approach me said I can make my own hours as long as I get the job done, but are backfill requisitions due to two people leaving. The second group to approach me seems like the better deal because their job openings are because of expansion, but I'll never know until I give it a try. This is the first one which held significant interest for me, so I'll go for it.