Jobs change

Some days are real hard. When you work endlessly, and try to find answers and none are easily available. You carry one burden, then have to drop it to pick up the next, and neither task is accomplished. It would make me cry if I thought it was reasonable to do so. No not cry, but maybe waste lots of time on the way home stopping at shops and killing time, not endorphines — better to kill time than to kill endorphines.

I think my software group is going to be shut down, but that would be just crazy. What a waste. How can this be? Are programs being thrown out the window? Am I losing my mind? Is there a better place to go work now?

These feelings I later understood to be driven by an impending re-organization announcement impacting my group. The team I joined only a month prior gained a new boss who (in time) tested my patience in ways I did not much appreciate.

Almost a year later, Jeff asked me to return to working for him which is where I did my work as an intern. I did not enjoy my current boss or the prospects, so I accepted his offer.